Microsoft 2007 Office Tutorials

All of the "standard tutorials" are available in clean draft form (below).  They are ready for your use.  Because of the significant enhancements from Office 2003 to 2007 we created an Introduction to 2007 Office tutorial to give you an overview of the new features across all of the 2007 Office applications.  The content for the PowerPoint, Access, Excel, Publisher and Outlook Mail tutorials remains consistent from previous versions - only updated to include the new features of 2007 Office.   You can find what is covered in each tutorial by clicking the individual content links on the left (for example - Access Database Modules 1 & 2, etc).  FrontPage moved to Microsoft Expression Web and SharePoint Designer Web – which don’t work quite like FrontPage - so we are awaiting further information before we create these tutorials.  We are currently working on the Mail Merge 2007 and Outlook Web Access 2007 tutorials.  

All of the 2007 Office Tutorials are saved in "old" Word format for your convenience.

If you look at the bottom of this page you will see a link to the  wonderful Wilkes University Office 2007 Video Tutorials which complement and enhance the printed tutorials.


Introduction to 2007 Microsoft Office
(Click-on the above link to download a 2 MB - 19 Page Word Document)

Access 2007 Introductory Tutorial
(Click-on the above link to download a 3 MB - 51 Page Word Document)

Excel 2007 Introductory Tutorial
(Click-on the above link to download a 2.5 MB - 51 Page Word Document)

Outlook 2007 Introductory Tutorial
(Click-on the above link to download a 2.5 MB - 39 Page Word Document)

Outlook 2007 Calendar Tutorial
(Click-on the above link to download a 1.5 MB - 19 Page Word Document)

PowerPoint 2007 Introductory Tutorial
(Click-on the above link to download a 6 MB - 81 Page Word Document)

Publisher 2007 Introductory Tutorial
(Click-on the above link to download a 3.2 MB - 73 Page Word Document)

Files and Database Created by 2007 Tutorials

The individual files/databases, created by each tutorial, are furnished below if you would like to download them.

Please note:  

Attached is a ZIP file for the Person 2007 Access database.  As indicated in the Access Database section of this website, Access databases are a huge source of worms and viruses, most systems block .mdb and .accdb files.  That is why you may have had problems downloading them from the website.  We have now converted all of the .mdb and .accdb files to ZIP files.  When you open the attached ZIP file, you will notice, is a .txt (text) file which your system should allow.  Save the Person 2007.txt file somewhere on your computer.  Then, right click on the file and choose Rename.  Change the txt to accdb – Person 2007.accdb.  This will make the file a 2007 Access file and you should be able to open the file in Access 2007.  Recently, several folks indicated that they could not do this.  Our staff feels that it is because of the additional SPAM protection that many organizations have added to their systems. 

If you have trouble downloading this file, please e-mail the address below and we will send you the file.  If this still does not work, we'll mail you the Office Tutorial CD which contains the Access files.

Access 2007 database
(Click-on the above link to download a 90 KB database file)

Excel 2007 Spreadsheet
(Click-on the above link to download a 35 KB file)

Publisher 2007 Brochure
(Click-on the above link to download a 200 KB file)

Publisher 2007 Flyer
(Click-on the above link to download a 360 KB file)

Publisher 2007 Newsletter
(Click-on the above link to download a 200 KB file)

Please note:  For the PowerPoint 2007 file (below) we are finding, that if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser, that it will attempt to download this file as a ZIP file.  If you use Mozilla Firefox, it will download correctly as a PowerPoint .pptx file.  If you have this problem, and do not desire to use Mozilla, we will e-mail the file to you if you will send an e-mail to  Thank you for your patience.  We are working on this. 

PowerPoint 2007 Presentation
(Click-on the above link to download a 566 KB file)

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact

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MS Office 2007 Video Tutorials

    Link to MS Office 2007 Video Tutorials  - Wilkes Videos Link

The Microsoft Office 2007 video tutorials were developed by doctoral students at Wilkes University to meet project requirement in our Instructional Development & Delivery (ED 641) course. The videos were created using the Jing Project and Microsoft Office Tutorials.

Please note: The video tutorials are only available via download. Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave are required to view these tutorials. Click here to download this free software.

Questions? Please contact one of the developers: