Microsoft Excel Tutorials

Each of the Excel tutorials is designed as two Modules.  In the first Module, you'll learn how to create a spreadsheet, enter data and work with formulas.  In the second Module you'll learn how to format, print, and create and print graphs from the spreadsheet.  The individual areas, covered in each Module, are furnished below.  All of the tutorials follow the same theme - creating a personal budget spreadsheet.  This is purposeful.  It was felt that, as a person progressed to newer versions of Excel, having the same tutorial theme would make them more comfortable with learning the material.  Each succeeding tutorial is enhanced to incorporate new features in Excel and respond to added features requested by users.

Module 1

Getting Started with Excel (Menu bars, buttons, toolbars, moving around Excel)
Creating Worksheets (Entering data, numbers and dates, Saving)
Manipulating Worksheet Data (Copying, Cutting, Pasting data)
Working with Basic Formulas and Functions (Formulas, Functions, Auto Calculate, Absolute referencing, and Wizards)

Module 2

Printing Worksheets
Formatting Worksheets (Inserting, Deleting, Widths of rows and columns, Using number formats, Aligning data)
Enhancing Worksheets (Changing Text Fonts, Borders, Shading, Gridlines)
Using Styles and AutoFormats
Finding and Replacing Data
Creating Graphs